Saturday, May 24, 2008

my new morning ritual

My favorite thing to do is get my toast and chai (no milk), go back to my room and read the matrimony section of the paper.  "Matrimony" in place of our "singles"section.  For example:

"High profile educated Jat Family with sound financial status seeks alliance for professional fair slim daughter.  Boy should be an engineer/high profile status business man 25+."
Being fair seems to be extremely important.  there are so many skin bleaching commercials.  My favorite one is a girl trying to hook up with a guy and he's like, "nu huh." and runs to a light skin girl with a rose.  I talked to a woman here about how weird it is that we spend so much time trying to tan and get dark.  Another thing I've noticed is that almost all the back ground boodie dancers in videos are white.  
But being fair isn't always good I guess.  i got "harassed" in the market yesterday, but nothing that actually bothered me.  Just interesting.  I think I've said before how tiny most guys are here, so I have total confidence that I could take them if need be.  I honestly expected more harassment than what I've gotten.  Some other girls have had bad experiences, but most of them have been at night.  That's kind of a given.
there's always going to be a bad one in the bunch.  Last night at dinner we talked about all of the good experiences and interactions we've had and they far outweighed the negative ones.  
I need a hair cut.


SRF said...

This is really wonderful! This whole blog, I mean. I'm glad you're having a good time.

Jayne said...

Sarah you look so beautiful and happy! Mungu told me about your blog so I had to find it and read about your adventures. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it to the Mecca going away- Noah's soccer tournament went longer than planned. I am wishing you so many amazing times and can't wait to read more about them!!! love, Jayne

Anna Melvin said...

i totally remember reading the Matrimonial Section with Andy and CRACKING UP and their bluntly honest requirements for mates.  crazy!  - Anna Melvin