Monday, May 19, 2008

i heart dehli!

so i already told you about my grand entrance to Delhi.  Only one other person has shown up so far.  where are these mofos?  I couldn't sit still and rest when I got here so i called Dr. Zon and we hit the streets. 
   I absolutely LOVE Delhi.  It is the most intense, dirty, loud, hot, mish mash of spiciness that I've ever experienced.  the bottoms of my pants are covered in poo and dirt.  i should wash them.  Dr. zon is the coolest guy ever and he just happens to be the head of the geography department.  He's like a little kid on an adventure which is just my style.  I'm not even sure where we ended up.  We took the metro, which was really nice to these back street bazar places.  it was like a progressive tour of the classes.  i bought some spices as promised for stephanie and drew a crowd.   kids followed us around saying "what country?"  over and over.  there were two little boys that were super precious and thought it was extremely funny when I said United states.  they kept saying "united states" and laughing.  i got blessed at a Durga shrine.   Super sign for me.  Durga is my jam and she was the first thing I came across.  i can't count the times that I was almost run over on the little side streets.  the traffic is crazy.  
    People stared but when I smiled everyone was very nice.  A smile can really get you a long way.  i took a picture of a cow on the street and it started following me.  This got a laugh because i'm not really sure what to do with a cow.  i
  then we took a Tuk tuk (sp?)  to a more middle class area.  The tuk tuk was so much fun.  I get a thrill out of rickety dangerous transportation.  that was my favorite part of mexico too.  I kept thinking about laura and jake seeing one explode. merging in traffic in one of those things is pretty great.  After we were done with that scene.  Dr. Zon had the great idea of finding a really fancy hotel and getting a martini.  it's one of his traditions in travel. it was awesome. i think I'm gonna adopt it. I got a "pink."   I have to mention that he's not creepy at all taking a student out.  he talks about his wife non stop and it's the cutest thing.  On the way home in the tuk tuk he just started making things up telling the driver.  "No, my daughter and I don't like to shop.  We're professors.  We're not into that." Random lies to strangers?  I'm dropping what I have next semester and taking his class.   i guess i'm gonna chill for a bit watch indian shop network, wash the cow and goat poop off my pants and go out later.


jenfrostsmith said...

yay! i'm happy for you. now i can stop worrying about you and start being jealous. j/k love you! great pics.

Laura said...

I can't believe you are there?! Have you been to the Parah Ganj? That's where we stayed. Now you know the fear of traffic. You sound like you had a hell of time getting into Delhi. Kudos for not having a breakdown. I bet you felt pretty overwhelmed at the prepaided taxi stand. The pictures make me want to join you again! XOXOXO

dewyskin said...

Glad you made it in one piece (and FINALLY got to eat).

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for installment #3

Love the cow.