Tuesday, May 20, 2008

sleepy head

I don't know why this blog is spacing itself so weird.
I'm too tired to think today so...
just some things I've noticed so far:

1.  the side to side head nod thing.

2.  It is socially acceptable for boys to be very affectionate with each other in a platonic way          (holding hands etc.).

3.  ordering a bloody mary, even when it is on the menu, will send your waiter and bartenders   into a frenzy and result in the weirdest lime tomato spicy concoction you've ever tasted.

4.  People want to serve you meat because you are american.

5.  People might tell you that your food is vegetarian and argue with you when you pull the         chicken out and show them.   They might even have the nerve to tell you it is mushroom.

6.  Trusting that a drink was made with "mineral water" is not wise.  I'm pretty sure I drank       sewage and lime today.                                                                                                                           

7.  Indian television in general is far more enjoyable than American t.v.  I could watch just           the comercials for hours.  Right this minute I'm watching a soap opera that seems to be               focused around Kali and awesomeness.  These people have totally mastered the "freaked             out" expression. over and over -zoom in -zoom out.

8. Everyone is super friendly, especially when they want to sell you something. And most             people want to sell you something.  But people are genuinely friendly and interested a lot           of the time too.       

9.  Indian food is awesome.

10. You are way cooler here than you are in the U.S.  People will constantly stop you to get a       picture. 

11. There is absolutely nowhere for women to pee in this country, but there are urinals in the     street.  (in delhi at least)

12. Trying to find a discrete place to pee off the side of the road is next to impossible.                   

13. Monkeys can make you very uncomfortable when you are trying to discretely pee off the       side of the road.

14. horns are actually used as turn signals.  Because even a one lane road can be turned into 6     lanes of traffic going both ways, honking is used to say, "hey, I'm back here coming up on             you.  so don't move for a sec."  Or, "I'm not stopping in this potential head on collision,                 so you might want to."  On the back of trucks it will say, "Use Horn."

15.  Indian food is super awesome.
   I'm having a magical, intense time.  I just got into Dehradun.   I feel like I've been here weeks already, but thinking about having to leave is already making me sad.  I'm so excited to get some sleep tonight on my rock hard matress.


dewyskin said...

I think you're supposed to break the seal on the water bottle yourself :-)

elizabethemily said...

monkey pictures! monkey pictures!

unicornapple.com said...

It's hard to take pictures of wiley monkeys while you pee. And the lime sewage was served to me at a restaurant. I took one sip for the team to test it out. no good. But digestion tract still in good shape one day later.