Friday, May 30, 2008

Indian Disco

Did that seriously just post half of a title?  This blog page is silly.  We went out to an Indian Disco tonight. With a sikh d.j.  I didn't know such places existed.  It was pretty good.  But if you're gonna walk home from a disco at night, watch out for the open sewers.   I didn't fall in.
We had an Indian professor from UT meet up with us today and she was late because her train from Delhi was held up by Gujjars!  I thought it was exciting.  But I'm obsessed and rooting for them.  I'm so impressed with the cohesion and level of team work among such a large group of people with no cell phones or modern communication.  There was a picture in the paper this morning of a group of women in their colorful saris blocking train tracks in large masses.  It was awesome.  The government is trying to cut off their food supplies but tractors keep coming in and people from other villages are contributing.  Are you guys getting news about it back home?  I didn't figure you would be.
  My professor keeps trying to talk me into staying on and do an individual research project the second month.  That would be a kick ass research project.  Don't worry mom.  I'm not going to.  But I might come back next summer to work with a different group of nomad gujjars  in rajaji national park.  I'd need to learn some Hindi.   
I'm waiting for all that stuff to die down around delhi to make sure I can get to the airport, and then I will be buying some tickets to Nepal.  Yeah-ya!
I have to actually get some sleep tonight. I have a 6:30 am cab back to rishikesh tomorrow.  All those other fools who we left drinking at the disco are leaving at 6:00 am for the Himalayas.  I am going to pass on that 9 hour nightmare of a bus ride for a relaxing weekend.  I haven't had one day off since I've gotten here.  They are going to be so hung over.
I'm pretty sure I'm watching an American Idol style lip synching competition in hindi.  It never gets old.


elizabethemily said...

we totally don't get much news about it over here! i looked it up when you posted before but all the articles i found were so CONFUSING because they were totally aimed at an audience who; 1) knew what gujjar means, and 2) knew a bunch of stuff about the indian government & their approach to the caste system. you should post a blog w/ your take on the situation and what's going on.

dewyskin said...

Maybe you should do the research project. See if they'll give you a stipend to way your way.

dewyskin said...

"pay" your way.

should have previewed first :-) said...

yes, i could get it fully funded. One girl here got $12,000 for the summer. But i'm lat on funding for this summer. maybe next.