Saturday, May 24, 2008

bahut acha!

You guys, I don't smell very good. Everything is so dirty- the air the streets. I feel like I need a good full body sterilizing every 30 minutes. When I blow my nose it's black. I feel like a grubby kid. Most people around me don't smell very good either, so I guess I'm in good company.
Today was amazing. I spent the morning in Haridwar. I stood on a bridge over the Ganges looking directly at the Himalayas. It sucks that I didn't have a camera. But guess what?! I do now. Dr. Zon is the shit. He gave me money to buy one "for the geography department" to borrow for the rest of the trip. I'm going back to haridwar tomorrow for the evening ceremony. I'm super stoked. I had some really good chinese food, but am a bit concerned about the risk I took. My stomach is a tiny bit uneasy. I will be skipping dinner tonight. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
I also spent 3 hours in a bumpy jeep going up a mountain on the tiniest, muddy path and a cliff on the other side. We were tail spinning for a bit and the jeep had no power steering. it was a little scary. but kind of fun too. It made me pretty sick though.
One thing I can't get used to are the kids and older women begging on the street. I feel awful to walk past. I know the crying is a "scam", but they obviously are not living in luxury


dewyskin said...

Hey, this is your mama talking: time to take your grapefruit seed extract.

Glad you have a camera again. I was really disappointed I wasn't going to see pictures. said...

yes! grapefruit seed extract! I forgot.