Sunday, May 18, 2008

Airports are fun!

Jokes.  What an absolute nightmare.  My first flight was canceled 10 minutes before boarding.  Better than crashing on a broken plane i guess.  The entire flight needed to be rebooked in an hour.  i was shifted back and forth between gates, given the wrong tickets, and finally got booked on a flight to chicago. Of course i missed my connection.  I got re-routed to London and bumped a day back.  i met a lot of cool disgruntled people though.  One of whom let me borrow his lap top to contact my professor.  
  So on the plane to chicago we had some crazy weather turbulance.  the dropping kind that I am not so fond of.  But I was so spent on frustration and hunger that I didn't really care.  - Until there was an explosive noise and flash of light on the wing.  We all kind of looked at eachother, but the plane seemed ok.  The stewardess called in some kind of code and then turned to us and said that everything was fine, thunder hit the engine and caused a spark.  thunder?  How does thunder hit the engine?  that shit was lightening.  the british boy next to me, all calm in his british accent, "did you see that there?  It was just off the wing."  I can't put the accent in the blog but it made things a little lighter. 
    we discovered we were on the same next flight to London which was due for take off 10 minutes after we would land.  I called the stewardess-flight attendant- and asked if she could rush us off the plane first. She was like, "girl there is no way you are making that."  Bullshit!  i was not about to miss another flight.  we made a pact to  to haul ass.  knock people out of the way haul ass.  Which we did, stopping briefly to see that our gate was 3 terminals away.  I couldn't make this shit up.  It turns out that there were about 6 of us crazy people flailing around trying to make that flight.  I don't know, I've been told I run like a retard.  you know who you are.   I couldn't stop laughing at how silly we looked and how ridiculous the whole situation was, which slowed me down a bit.  excuses.  I think I need to start running for cardio.  No more of this pansy cross trainer.  I thought I was gonna die.  I was the very last one in as they were closing the gate. But I made it!
  I spent a day and way too much money in London on 3 hours of sleep, no food and the last of the xanax.   Heathrow airport is the most ridiculous thing I've ever experienced. 
  My "breakfast" was pretty funny  I shared a table with a guy form scotland who found my involentary reaction to the food and lack of beer very amusing.  I should have taken a picture.  I just told her i wanted breakfast with no meat because i couldn't find a menu and hadn't eaten in almost 24 hours. - There's some sort of animal dying or something in my room as i type this. it's freaking me out. - any way it was those sugary beans that they make frank-n-beans with, some canned mushrooms on top (no seasoning), a slice of cooked tomato,  a runny egg and a lump of bacon.  and i mean a Lump.  i guess bacon isn't meat.  He said it was british bacon. i ate everything but the lump of non meat pig.    i tried fish and chips later in the day, which came with peas.  weird.
  I'm fascinated by food.  Speaking of!  I am the new spokes person for British Airways.  I will never take another airline if at all possible.  coming from the nightmare of american airlines, it was the most beautiful experience.  It's like the difference between walmart and ...some really fancy place.  i don't know.  But they give free alcohol.  as much as you want.  i took some bottles of wine for later.  they'll make you mixed drinks as well.  And the meal!  i was freaking out.  Not only was it Indian, but it was all vegetarian.  And delicious.  And everything said organic on it.  and was served out of dishes- with a little tea cup for some earl grey.  I was tickled pink by the tea cup.  i felt like a little kid flying on an airplane for the first time.  I made  a friend on the plane who was very helpful with advice and gave me his email and # in delhi in case anything happened.  And i almost had to use it.
  I made it to Delhi but had still not hooked up with anyone from our group.  there didn't seem to be anyone waiting outside so i went to find a cab.  Intense.  guys swarming me and yelling at eachother. "Where do you go?  i will take you.  i will take you.  no that hotel is no good."  i got a prepaid, but it still seemed pretty sketchy.  the guy obviously had no idea where the hotel was and the car was not marked with the numbers that it was supposed to be.  no one pays any attention at all to any traffic anything.  It's amazing, you know it's going to be intense, but then you get here, and it's really intense.  right away. it's like, wow, yup, this is poverty.  and i'm sitting in this cab with a lap top, ipod and camera.  the cab driver didn't speak english.  or pretended to not speak english.  he pulled over and said "5 minutes."   In the middle of nowher and just left.   I was trying to figure out how i would get out if need be and which direction i should attempt.   There's hardly any women on the street.  Swarms of men.  weird gender space.  guys peeing on the side of the road.  He did come back.  i don't know what he was doing, but i didn't get stranded.  we drove around for a while though-  because he didn't know where he was going.  he stopped at least 3 times for directions.  i have never been so relieved when we pulled up to the hotel.  i had a good feeling about him, but it all seemed shady.  i know you're not supposed to tip, but I did because i was so happy.  and he didn't try and rip me off which was much appreciated.
the hotel is ridiculously nice.  Especially after what all we drove through.  we have hot water and A.C.  It's nicer than my apartment.  I'm only the second person to make it to Delhi which is a little concerning because I was so late.  there were supposedly two other girls on my flight.  I hope they found their way out alright because I've been here a good 2 hours.  i'm gonna go wash my face and head back out.


elizabethemily said...

effing hilarious. glad you made it there safe.

selahestelle said...

I am so happy you are blogging this trip. I will be loyally reading it and not feeling quite so sarah-lonely!