Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scooby Doo Mystery ghost cat

So, Jenny and I are pretty convinced our wing of the hotel is haunted.  She's in the room right next to me, and we seem to be the only ones who ever hear anything. 
  A few nights ago I woke up to the most hideous cat-ish/child crying noises down the hall.  It was really eerie.  the halls echo.  It sounded like it came down the hall, and then was in my room.  I just kind of acknowledged it and went back to sleep.  I forgot to ask anyone else about it the next day, but evidently Jenny had heard it too and was asking around.  She had the same experience of it sounding like it was in her room.  Last night I was up late and about 12:30 a.m, heard it coming down the hall again.  I peaked out of my door but didn't see anything.  Jenny knocked on my wall and messaged me, "What the hell is that?!  It's totally creeping me out!"  I had the same experience as the night before of it sounding like it was in my room then out in the hall.  She said she heard scratching.   I wanted to put my detective hat on, but we just sat out talking in the hall instead.  And so naturally I slept through class.  Again. 
   I asked a guy at the hotel about a cat.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  People don't really have pet cats here.  Especially businesses and hotels.  There's starving, stray dogs everywhere, but I've seen one cat in 3 weeks.  
  Also, a week ago, I woke up to a little kid singing and people clapping down the hall about 2:00 in the morning.  It was really pretty so I threw on some clothes to go listen, but there was no one out there.  Super spooky.  Actually, it's very likely there would be a kid up that late. I just don't know where they all ran off to so fast.  No one else heard that one.  
I hope that I come out one night to see a green glowing ghost cat.  When I take off it's mask it will be Vejay, our incompetent tour guide.  "You pesky Americans are jacking up all of our rikshaw prices."
  Ok, just a few more random observations:

*Bollywood in the theater is the radest thing ever.  the theater itself is a relic.  It was super fancy about 40 or 50 years ago. A balcony and chandaliers and everything- all falling apart.  And mosquitos and huge rat size cockroaches.  probably huge rats too, but we didn't see those.  People yell and sing and  whistle with the movie.  It's very exciting.  We saw "Jannat."  Lots of white girls in bikinis and on stripper poles in the background. I'm getting kind of tired of that. No wonder guys here think we're easy.  Bollywood is not so innocent.  It's weird to see in such a conservative society.  people had their whole families there. 

*there's not really much of a "line" concept here.  People just crowd around and cut in front and throw their money out in front of you.  This is even at places like the grocery store and McDonalds.  So when I get home I'm afraid I'll either blatantly cut in front of people or stand right on their heels.  If you press right up against the person in front of you, no one can cut. Otherwise you'll be there forever.

* I just don't think American's heads were made to bobble the way an Indian can.  I've been practicing.  It's just not natural.  I'm totally jealous because one of the guys from UT is Indian, but hasn't been here before and is already head bobbling like a pro. it's not fair.  More practice in the mirror I guess.  When I get it down you won't be able to tell whether I'm saying yes or no.

*There's no Hindi hip hop.  : (    people just keep trying to sell me hip hop from the U.K.  If anyone has ever heard of any, please let me know.  there might be some in different Indian languages.  There's a lot.  Maybe my calling is to learn hindi and come back to spread the love.  I hear Mumbai is where they film most of Bollywood, and they're always looking for western extras.  Jenny and I are determined to get into a movie.  But I'm not putting on a bikini or getting on a stripper pole. 

*I'm totally breaking up with Cafe Coffee Day.  Make me sick once, shame on you.  Make me sick twice, shame on me.  It's gotta be the unpasturized water buffalo milk.


dewyskin said...

One of Katherine Mc's friends from LA quit Hollywood a few years ago and went to Mumbai.

He's 6'4" and blond, and he figured he could probably get regular work.

He's still there. said...

hmmm...i might not be coming home.

jennifer said...

Finally saw your blog and this is my fav post so far. I couldn't describe the weird sounds in the hotel like you can.