Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Bye Madhuban and business

   Most of my American comrades will leave me in 4 short days.   The group went to dinner and back to the disco for our last night in Derha Dun.  dance party at the dinner table. I had thai food and it was amazing.  Not that eating anything in this country does me any good anyway.  But I might as well enjoy the last nice full meal that I'll get for a month.  We met 3 American girls at the restaurant and bar.  They told me that the bartender said they would have to pay a lot for alcohol.  This country is so weird.  They wouldn't give them a menu with drink prices.  We were sitting 3 tables away and they were serving us plenty at the price listed on the menus.  It's like they just decide if they like you or not.  I guess we got lucky. 
   On the walk home we were accosted by the balloon children.  A little boy grabbed my hand and my shawl with hands full of what I can only figure was vomit.  It was a long walk home.
   I'm not sure what my internet access will be like once we leave this hotel so I will list tentative plans so far.
  *possibly Jaipur if we can get in 
  *Back to delhi
  *Mumbai (Bollywood here I come!)
I'm leaving most of my stuff and computer in Delhi with a friend, so I'll probably be able to email when I'm there. I have a cell phone now that even works sometimes.  I don't have international minutes loaded yet because to do that I will have to have international minutes to call my bank.  I think I can receive calls.  here's my digits if you want to holla at me:
I have text messaging on here too.  when it works.  But no voice mail.
Love you guys lots!  I'll be in touch soon.


elizabethemily said...

be safe dude! make little "i'm safe" or "i slept in straw" or "i ate bugs" type posts whenever possible!!

dewyskin said...

Ditto on the "Be Safe"

Please post when you can!