Tuesday, June 3, 2008

India Giveth and India taketh away

I've got a killer weight loss plan.  All you need is a ticket to India.  I've left my room 2 times in the past 2 days.  Luckily my peeps are awesome and have been checking in on me every couple of hours or so.  It's a shift we've been alternating since everyone has been in this condition at least once.  My prof has pressured me into seeing a doctor.  They will come to your hotel for about $10 and prescriptions are filled at road side "chemists" for about $5 (that's all of them together).  It might be good to have some anti-biotics for later too.  Just FYI, if you're coming to India, you'll probably need more than you think.  I wish I was a little more prepared.  Make sure to bring some sprite.  I ordered a Limeca from room service because it's all they had, but it's not sprite at all.  It's more like Crystal Light with bubbles.  There's no AC ( you might want to bring that too).   I do have a fan but the electricity goes out a lot.  This is normally fine, but it sucks to be sick and hot.  BUT, I found an English HBO station!  I'm watching Harry Potter right this minute and enjoying every bit of it.  I also charged my ipod which has helped a little with my home sickness.
   I'm totally enthralled and fascinated by the skin lightening phenomenon and have been researching it on the internet all day.  I'll have to post some links for you to the "fair and lovely" and "fair and handsome" commercials.  In the articles I read it said that they had been pulled form the airwaves, but obviously they haven't because I've been watching them on t.v everyday.  Maybe the worst ones.
can't wait for tofu spring rolls and salad. 


jenfrostsmith said...

yeah the skin bleaching is really interesting to me too. i didn't really know that it was that common. i googled it and found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-9tcXpW1DE

it won't let me embedd it

jenfrostsmith said...

ok this is the best one yet:


unicornapple.com said...

Yeah, that one is totally on tv. Supposedly there was one that was pulled about a father who:
A. was very upset that he had a girl and not a son, and
B. the girl couldn't even get a job because of her dark skin.
So she tries the fair and lovely cream and gets a great job as a flight attendant.
I was talking to someone about it here and she said she had seen ads for flight attendants and they specifically requested fair skin. I haven't seen that myself, but I have seen lots of ads in passing. Being a flight attendant is a pretty big deal and there are all kinds of schools and training. They really stand out in town because they wear skirts and heels and are all made up.
Evidently it's an all over asia thing with the skin bleaching. Loreal and revlon have special lines for this part of the world. It's a very weird place.

unicornapple.com said...

wait, check this one out:


OH Wait! This one:


this really exists in the main stream. It blows my mind.