Saturday, July 19, 2008

crystal cat towers

I just ate an entire jar of Leh apricot preserves on a baguette for dinner.  And it was fucking awesome.  I wish I had a case of that stuff.  I'm writing this for all of you still in India who have access to sweet apricot nectar.  You should buy lots of it because you might want to eat a whole jar on a baguette for dinner when you get home.  Or you might want to barter with it.  I don't know.  It has special powers.
I wanted to post a final blog on my departure, but in true Sarah fashion, lost the one I had typed up.  I'm still gonna put something down because I really have a terrible memory.  Carrie and Alex, (probably the only 2 still reading this anyway) I went back and read some of your entries and was amazed at all the details I've already forgotten.

Let me sum up the easy way.  My last 2 days consisted of:
*An early, early flight from Leh to Delhi for Carrie and I.
*A guy wrapping himself in leather straps and boxes next to us in the airport.
*asshole delhi ricksha drivers
*cafe coffee day for as long as possible in the A.C with all of our bags
*waiting for a call from Jenny
*waiting in the park and exhausting every game we knew (secret telling, 20 questions. I guess we don't know that many games).
*me getting all bummed about leaving and other various things.  Minor break down avoided by awesomeness of Carrie, Jenny, ben and jerry's, and sex and the city.  I might have minorly broke down anyway. sorry guys.
*Super cheap pedicures and waxing as a reward to ourselves ($3.75 TOTAL!)
*admiring our pretty pretty princess feet and realizing it had not been a tan, but a semi- permanent layer of dirt.
*Super sad goodbyes
My cab driver did not stand me up or overcharge me.  (i think I paid 180 rupees from Jenny's-someone asked me in an email, I think)  I almost died on the way to the airport.  A bus tried to ram us twice.  I told the driver we should make faces at the bus.  He didn't understand what I meant until I started making faces at the bus.  He just yelled a lot but thought the face making was funny.

I blew a kiss to all of the cows eating trash on the side and in the middle of the road.  I blew a kiss to the crazy ricksha driving like a lunatic up the wrong side.  I blew a kiss to the power being out and seeing candles in the windows of all the businesses.  I blew a mental kiss to my driver honking wildly at an inanimate object in the road.  And I blew a kiss to the last of the chai stands- which I almost asked to stop for.

I was exhausted and prepared for battle when I arrived at the Delhi airport.   I had spent a lot of time intending for a pleasant departure, but I knew my chances were slim.  Even with my "luckiness."  I got into the longest line I could find (because, as carrie said, this would be the one I needed to be in) and prepared for an incredibly long wait.  The line wrapped around several kiosks where I'm sure people were being pointed in the wrong directions and being handed the wrong forms- if any at all.  It was looking bleak.  Then, suddenly, two guys appeared out of nowhere asking if I was traveling alone.  There was no way I was about to tell these assholes I was alone until I realized it would mean preferential treatment.  They escorted me and one other lone female traveler (carrying our bags) past everyone to the very front of the line.  "Why?" I asked.  I never got an answer.  The guy just smiled and in broken english said 
 "this make you happy? this good?" Um, fuck yeah?  This awesome.
I was given the right form the very first time without even asking, and then waved through  customs without incident.  The guy even SMILED at me and didn't even glance at my passport.  It could not have been an easier exit.  Goodbye India. Come visit me soon.

I love you guys and miss you lots.  I hope your having fun in your final weeks. We will tear shit up when you get back.  I can't hardly wait for the badass girls club. 
Make sure you look for the magical guys asking if you're traveling alone in the airport.  I think they might be Indian airport fairies.  You have to believe.  


jennifer said...

OMG! I loved your post and thanks for the heads up on the airport faries. I was the one who asked about the fare for the airport so that everyone who is using my place for a launching pad to the airport will know how much it SHOULD be. I will not miss getting ripped off all the time and a pricing system that explicitly states the price! Arghhhhhh

RoastRain said...
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